Polyurethane foam TERMOPUR MEGA 65 L GUN

  • Bonding EPS (non-pressed (PSB, PSB-S) and pressed expanded polystyrene (PS-1, PS-4)), XPS (extruded polystyrene), PUR (polyurethane) and similar insulation boards to concrete, brick and bitumen substrates
  • Thermal insulation of foundations, basement walls and similar underground parts of buildings
  • Filling gaps between styrofoam boards, gaps formed as a result of board cutting
  • Vertical dilations in the walls
  • Thermal insulation of roofs and combined coatings
  • Thermal insulation of roofs and flat roofs
  • Soundproofing, bonding and sealing of prefabricated timber frame elements
  • Sealing joints, for window sills, window sills, balcony slabs, basement windows (for new and renovated buildings)
  • Anchor-free installation of light wooden interior doors
  • Low expansion
  • Low water absorption
  • Very good thermal insulation
  • High dimensional stability throughout the entire operating time
  • Precision and overlay control
  • Very short preparation time of the product in relation to conventional adhesive solutions
  • Very good working properties, comfort and cleanliness of work, minimal transport costs (low weight and volume), ease of storage and application, unlike mineral and bituminous waterproofing masses
  • A foam gun is enough for application (no buckets, no electricity, no stirrer, no water, no spatula required
  • The formation of thermal bridges is excluded, the seams between the heat-insulating plates can be filled with foam
  • After curing, chemically neutral, resistant to a wide range of temperatures and the development of fungi and mold
  • Provides stability and elasticity of the mounted elements
  • With proper performance of work on gluing heat-insulating boards, the strength of the connection is always several times higher than the strength of the heat-insulating boards themselves
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, aerated concrete, silicate blocks, plaster and masonry mortars, wood, steel, metal

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