• Installation, sealing and connection of window and door boxes, garage doors and blinds (after preliminary mechanical fastening and protection against deformation – for fire doors and gates use fire-retardant foam TERMOPUR FIRESTOP B1
  • To fill the space and gaps in the joints between the elements of building partitions
  • For filling of apertures of openings for conducting of pipes and pipelines in walls, overlappings and roofs
  • Filling the space around the flues and auditory windows
  • For filling of space between expanded polystyrene plates in systems of warming of external walls
  • Thermal insulation of roofs and flat roofs
  • Sound insulation, gluing and sealing of prefabricated wooden elements of frame structures
  • Mounting foam is used for gluing decorative and insulating boards, panels
  • Installation of thresholds, stairs, window sills and other finishing elements
  • High-performance – for maximum efficiency in the installation of windows and doors, acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Save time on cylinder replacement, less waste
  • It has low absorbency, homogeneous structure and dimensional accuracy
  • After application, the foam increases and hardens under the influence of moisture contained in the air and building materials
  • Provides good thermal, acoustic and moisture-resistant insulation
  • After curing, chemically neutral, resistant to high and low temperatures and prevents the development of mold
  • Foam has good adhesion to concrete, plaster, building ceramics, wood, steel, metal, PVC and other plastics
  • Adhesion to vertical and horizontal surfaces – does not flow
  • Guarantees stability and flexibility of elements which mounts
  • Does not contain (H) CFCs, polycarbonates and formaldehyde
  • Guarantees accurate dosing
  • Contains environmentally friendly gas (harmless to the ozone layer)
  • Effective in use
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