Polyurethane foam pistol fire-resistant TERMOPUR FIRESTOP B1. It is certified for European and Ukrainian standards, has a certificate of conformity UkrSEPRO. Confirmed fire resistance class EI 60, EI 90.


Pistol fire-resistant foam is used comprehensively in fire safety systems:

  • Filling and sealing the residual working space between the door and window frames and the wall opening (with fire resistance class EI 60, EI 90), when using metal or wood products
  • Filling cracks and small gaps in building partitions between structural elements
  • Filling voids for pipes and cable penetrations in walls, ceilings, roofs and floor structures
  • Connection and sealing of prefabricated building elements
  • Fire-fighting polyurethane foam does not support combustion (self-extinguishing)
  • In case of fire, prevents the flow of smoke and burning gases
  • Hardens and expands when exposed to moisture in the ambient air and mounting surface
  • After hardening, it features high density, low water absorption, strength, homogeneous and fine-grained internal structure
  • Sufficiently dimensionally stable in high temperature and high humidity conditions
  • Fire-fighting foam has excellent adhesion (sticking ability) to horizontal and vertical structures (does not run off)
  • Has excellent sound and thermal insulation properties, resistant to moisture
  • Provides flexibility of the mounted elements
  • Filling holes and crevices by increasing the volume by 30-50%
  • Does not contain gases harmful to the environment
  • Effective and comfortable to use
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