Published: 2 October 2018

Spray for welding semiautomatic devices TEKASOL WELDING

You, as a manufacturing company that have semiautomatic welding machines on their staff, are well aware of the problem of burnt-out tips, adhesion of metal spatter on the nozzle, “dirty” seams, etc


TEKASOL WELDING welding spray is intended for semi-automatic welding in the form of aerosol:

  • do not contain silicone;
  • spray applied to the front of the welding torch (nozzle, tip, insert);
  • applied before welding (on cold surfaces);
  • available in 400ml bottles

Can be applied to: external nozzles and copper tips of any welding torches, tools, workpieces and products before welding.
It is often used in works where the appearance of the welded products is important. Since without the use of protective welding agents, welding spatter and sagging must be removed with a grinder, which leaves specific marks on the metal surface. It is used before welding on a cold product.
TEKASOL WELDING welding spray does not contain frions and other ozone-depleting substances that pose a hazard to the worker and is very easy to use